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Turning the conventional vaping into a smart device for medicinal substances.

The SteamCure® App

The SteamCure® APP allows to:

Empower your vaporizing experience with analytics, dosage controls and a full set of new capabilities giving you the control of what you vape. Monitor your habits through insights, session patterns, inhalation types, when you do it and how you do it.

Monitored Dose

Do not worry about over dosage, our GPDR compliant cloud brings you the option to limit your dose with an smart blocking setting.

Medical laboratory scientists analyzed all liquid formulations and shared them with you. Our data visualizer brings you to know your data and learn from it.

End your day by receiving a daily summary of your dosage activity.

App links the code with the formula data when a new cartridge/capsule is inserted.


Traceability everywhere (from composition to inhalation)

Cristal clear liquid composition

Power that fits in your pocket

App | lab analytics on your hands | at a glance

Accurate and dosage control

Quick drug effect

How does it work?

Data Collection

The information about consumption is privately gathered by our applications services.

Data Processing

An Smart analysis is performed by our proprietary processing algorithms.

Customized Insights

All the information is available to you anytime.

Medical Applications


Who we are?

Steam Cure is a biomedical start-up born to convert the current e-cigarrette to a smart medical device that can deliver drug products in an accurate, precise, safer and fast way to patients.

Management Team

Miquel Bonastre

Founder of Bombo®,  Vapers Experience, Vulkan Implants and Titanimplant, among others.

10 years of expertise in the biomedical sector.

7 years of expertise in the electronic cigarette sector.

Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Master in Marketing Management.


Ofir Arad

Doctor in Organic Chemistry, from the Institut Químic de Sarrià, Barcelona 2012

Founder and Manager of Anaconda Biomed

More than 20 years of expertise in the biomedical sector, both in pharmaceutical compounds’ development and medical devices.

Llorenç Nieto

MSc in Organic Chemistry, from Institut Químic de Sarrià & MSc Project Management from Universitat Ramón Llull.

13 years of expertise in Life Science sector; Medical device: ITH and IHT innovation and pharmaceutical industry: Uriach and Noucor)

7 years of expertise in Pharmaceutical Project Management, developing GX’s and NCE’s from early stages to life cycle management with Worldwide customers.

Àngel Martínez
IT Manager

Technical Engineer in Systems Computer Science and Computer Engineer from La Salle Universitat Ramón Llull.

Developer of the team PoC devices – Cobas IT1000 at Roche Diagnostics.

IT Manager at Anaconda Biomed. Experience in development and implementation of  standards of Medical Devices and Qualified Services in the EU

Bonastre Biomed
Hardware Project Management

Engineering company and manufacturer, specialized in biomedical projects.

18 years of experience in the medical sector and 60 years in engineering and high-precision machining.

Experts in designing for manufacturing.

Scientific Advisory Board

Josep María Ramón

Medical Doctor PhD and Master in Public Health. Head and Director, Preventive Medicine Department & Smoking Cessation Clinic Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, Barcelona, Spain.

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at Universistat de Barcelona.

Founder and first President of Catalan Society for Tobacco Control and former member of “Comité Nacional de Prevención del Tabaquismo”.

Author and co-author in more than 20 medicine books. More than 190 papers published in international and national journals.

Participated as expert in prevention and smoke cessation in radio and television.

Mariano García de Palau

Medical Doctor. More than 15 years prescribing cannabis as medical therapy.

Collaborator of ICEERS Foundation.

Co-founder and member of National Observatory of Medicinal cannabis

Former director of Kalapa Clinic.

Cannabishub consultant at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.

Scientific commitee member of Canna Fundation and “Efecto Sequito” Foundation.

Our Background

Miquel Bonastre, founder and CEO of the e-liquids leading company Bombo®  and the main laboratory of the electronic cigarette sector in Spain, Vapers Experience, saw the opportunity to turn the conventional vaping into a smart device for vaporizing medicinal substances.
In addition, Miquel is the founder of Vulkan® Implants and Business Consultant of the family-owned company Bonastre Biomed, which helped the synergy between the vaporizing sector and the biomedical.

Where we are

Carrer Llobregat, 15, 08750 Molins de Rei, Barcelona.

Contact us

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